Modernizing the Solution for Problem Drinking With the Sinclair Method

A Leader in Sinclair Method Treatment

As one of the first online Sinclair Method providers in the U.S., Alcure started in Southern California. We treated our first client in 2017 and expanded our reach during the pandemic, providing treatment to clients across 27 states when telehealth restrictions were temporarily lifted.

Co-founder Jim Kamanski sought an innovative solution for alcohol use disorder after witnessing its impact on a personal relationship, while co-founder Sarah Novia, a Southern California therapist, had a client successfully using the Sinclair Method with the help of actress Claudia Christian and the C3 Foundation. Motivated by our experiences, we launched Alcure to bring this new, highly effective treatment to more people facing excess drinking challenges.

The Sinclair Method's Roots and Growth

Invented in Finland, the Sinclair Method had already helped over 60,000 people by 2006. But in the U.S. it remained a grassroots, alternative form of treatment. U.S. adoption grew significantly starting in 2016 when telemedicine became more popular and it was evident the Sinclair Method could be implemented by doctors online for patients to treat entirely at-home.

Alcure's Mission: Providing a New, Modern Approach With a Distinct Endpoint

Our goal is to guide clients through a well-designed journey with a clear endpoint: restoring them to a healthy state free from difficulty managing their drinking habits. We don't believe in lifelong struggles with addiction or the need to label oneself as permanently in recovery. Instead, we provide an easy-to-follow and effective solution, while always being there for our clients if they need us.

Experience the Power and Ease of the Sinclair Method with Alcure

Join the growing number of people who have regained control of their lives through Alcure's innovative approach to solving excess drinking. Experience an accessible, affordable, and highly effective solution.

Meet Our Team

doctor sinikka green

Sinikka Green, MD

Dr. Green oversees Alcure clients and specializes in Emergency Medicine where she has treated persons experiencing some of the more severe effects of alcohol use disorder. Dr. Green earned her medical degree in 2002 at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an Emergency Medicine Physician in Texas and has held the position of Facility Medical Director at an Austin-based emergency room medical center. Dr. Green is licensed in multiple states.

physician associate Gretel Espina

Gretel Espina, PA

Ms. Espina treats Alcure clients in California and Texas. She is a nationally certified Physician Associate. During her PA career she has worked in several medical specialties including: Interventional Radiology, Aesthetic Medicine, Concierge Medicine and Urgent Care. Gretel earned her master’s degree in Physician Assistant Sciences in 2012 at Rutgers University in New Jersey. As a PA in a large medical center in Los Angeles, she has treated patients with severe medical manifestations of alcohol use disorder.

doctor clifford fields

Clifford Fields, DO

Dr. Fields treats Alcure clients primarily on the East Coast. He is board-eligible in Addiction Medicine and board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He currently practices Emergency Medicine and Addiction medicine. His main focus is the treatment of people with opiate and alcohol use disorders. Dr. Fields earned his medical degree in 1985 at the University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri. He also served as a General Medical Officer and Squadron Medical Officer with the U.S. Navy. Dr. Fields is licensed in multiple states.

cofounder and therapist sarah novia

Sarah Novia, cofounder, MS, EdS, LPCC, BC-TMH

Sarah is a Los Angeles-based Licensed Professional Counselor with expertise in treating clients facing a variety of challenges including alcohol use disorder and other addictions. She provides therapy services to Alcure clients in California and Connecticut that request it as an add-on service.

cofounder and attorney james kamanski

James Kamanski, cofounder, JD

Jim is a Southern California-based attorney with a practice background requiring extensive knowledge of medicine, has counseled both consumer and corporate clients, and has worked with hundreds of health care providers as consultants and expert witnesses. He's developed an expertise in Sinclair Method treatment and offers coaching to Alcure clients that request it included as part of the Alcure program.