Most of our reviews were sent to us without any request for client feedback.

"It's working well, cut my drinking by 70%."

--R., Richmond, CA, after 43 days of being in the program.

"I am doing really well on the program. It took me a bit to get going, but I currently have had 10 consecutive alcohol-free days, prior to that, 10 more consecutive days, and prior to that, 30 days. So I have had drinks on 3 of the last 53 days, which I would say is pretty successful! I am also not having drastic cravings."

--K., Manchester, CT, also reporting a 95% reduction in drinking after 10 weeks in the Alcure program.

"I’m doing wonderful .. I am not binge drinking anymore .."

--S., Florissant, MO, after 22 days of being in the Alcure program.

"Your customer service and the way this program is set up is outstanding and a Godsend of (shame free) ease and confidentiality. I signed up and have my appointment with [my Alcure doctor] on Friday afternoon. All arranged within 10 min!"

"[Alcure support has made] me feel part of an actual support system."

--H., Boston, MA.

"I started TSM when it became apparent I could not go more than 2-3 days without drinking before the voice in my head told me 'one drink wouldn't hurt.' I obsessed about alcohol constantly, and I wanted that (and my overall consumption) to stop .. I found Alcure .. and am so thankful for this program. It's been entirely confidential, judgement free, and ultimately life saving .. TSM works (for most people) and it's working for me. My consumption is down 25% and I hope to see it continue in the downward direction. My telehealth provider has been great, easy to reach, helpful, and answers all my questions. I highly encourage anyone who is worried they might have a problem to give this a shot."

--T., Washington D.C., after 59 days of being in the Alcure program

"Loved your [module three accelerator videos] on Life Hacks, Minimalism and Gratitude."

--R., Modesto, CA.

"I’m still doing great with everything .. Glad I found Alcure!"

--N., Worcester, MA, after 62 days of being in the Alcure program.

"Easy to fill forms and clear, helpful information about the process, fast, private, non-judgmental, easy to follow instructions, easy sign up process, Very targeted and focused [tutorials]."

--R., Trumbull, CT.

"I am 5 days in on the 75mg and it’s working .. I drank for a few hours and then just couldn’t anymore! It was so strange to me!! Half [a] glass of wine just sitting there unfinished. Just thought I’d let you know :)"

--A., Littleton, MA after 69 days in the Alcure program.

" .. you run a very good program of the utmost integrity."

--N., Danbury, CT.

"I've felt very lucky to find Alcure. I've struggled with alcohol for over 10 years and feel like I've finally found something that works and addresses the biological issue."

--S., Washington D.C.