Drink Less With the Sinclair Method

Level Up Your Lifestyle

"Within the last month my drinking has decreased to within recommended limits. In May I was a daily, excessive drinker and now I have a couple of drinks a couple of nights a week. Like a normal person. Without trying."

We make it easy for clients to get from four drinks to one, with many choosing to stop completely.

California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Texas.

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Follow our courses while taking advantage of unlimited video chat and email with your Alcure provider for guidance, adjustments and refills.

Reach your goal of reduced drinking or stopping completely.

"The Sinclair Method offers a graduated way for people to cut back on their drinking without risking alcohol withdrawal. It can provide a safe and effective way for people to cut their drinking back to a safe and manageable place."

Sinikka Green, M.D., Emergency Medicine

"Thank you for all you do. This has given me a reset button without the need to take expensive time off from work to go to a facility to figure it out. My head is clear and I am not looking for that next needed drink."

"I think it really tamed my desire for heavy alcohol (i.e. tequila). I really toned down to 2 or 3 glasses of wine per night.. much more controlled. I think it also helped me shed 10 pounds! If I go back to old habits, I will be back in touch!"

Lightweight solution, stunning results.

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