Jim Kamanski aka Team Alcure here. I'm one of the co-founders of the Alcure digital health platform and have a personal note for you, whether you think you have Alcohol Use Disorder or know someone that does.

First, a little on my background. I've been a bodily injury attorney for over 20 years. I usually defend against liability suits but have also handled plaintiff-side cases working directly for injured individuals and their families. I've handled all variety of injury cases with dollar values ranging from a few thousand to over tens of millions of dollars and have been peer nominated as a Southern California Super Lawyer for eight consecutive years. I've taken the sworn deposition of over 300 doctors and other medical experts, questioned them before judges and juries, and have worked with some of the top medical experts from virtually every medical specialty, including neurology, brain imaging experts, neuropsychology, psychology, and psychiatry. Though not a health care provider, I know medicine pretty well and act as your surrogate to the medical experts.

I developed an interest in solving the problem of Alcohol Use Disorder not from ever having it, but because I knew someone that had it. I made an effort to walk in that person's shoes to understand the onset of the disease and what provoked the excess drinking I was seeing. I also witnessed first-hand how disabling the disease can be at a severe level. I've seen severe binge drinking episodes, blackouts, attempts to stop only to explode into binge drinking again, and feelings of exasperation.

Having gone through that experience I put my problem solving skills to work. We attorneys do that. We unravel problems to try and solve them. It's at the core of our training. And with my background knowledge in medicine I was poised to do a deep dive into what Alcohol Use Disorder is, how it starts, what's available to treat it, what works, what doesn't work, and why.

After a lot of research, I learned that Alcohol Use Disorder is a disease affecting brain chemistry. That's the essence of it. It has nothing to do with a moral failing and very little to do with a lack of personal willpower or control. Sure, environmental factors influence Alcohol Use Disorder and lack of personal self-control and discipline can contribute as well, but at the end of the day Alcohol Use Disorder is rooted in an alteration of brain chemistry caused directly by repeated exposure to alcohol, or more precisely the ethanol molecule.

Naturally, then, the solution lies in restoring brain chemistry to where it was before as much as possible and also working on those environmental factors or personal behaviors that can trigger or aggravate Alcohol Use Disorder.

Having studied and compared all the other Alcohol Use Disorder treatment models out there, I concluded that pharmaceutical extinction combined with counseling was by far the best available, and most modern. It's almost too modern, and that's why it plays second fiddle to the familiar behemoths like Alcoholic Anonymous, in-patient intensive rehab clinics, and other willpower-based methods, all of which have high relapse and dropout rates.

So I pulled together a team of like-minded individuals and we came up with Alcure. We saw that delivering pharmaceutical extinction on a telehealth platform would provide ultra-easy access and privacy to patients and increase the availability of this truly effective treatment model.

Where for decades there has been a rickety, dilapidated bridge to get a person with Alcohol Use Disorder across a deep divide, our mission has been to build a wide, state-of-the-art, football-stadium-lit, concrete and steel reinforced bridge for you to cross without any struggle.

And in case you haven't figured it out from our branding, we don't play depressing music in the background of our messaging. Instead, we're a bit cheeky about our service. That's because we're 100% confident we can help you easily beat Alcohol Use Disorder and beat it for good. We can bring the disease to its knees in a simple, elegant, but powerful way. Where most treatment models resemble a person flailing to fend off a mugger on the street, we are black belts and will take the mugger down easily.

We hope you'll find the information on our site helpful and we are pleased to offer our service to you with the aim of delivering the best results available.

Jim Kamanski, co-founder at Alcure LLC.