Plan 1 pricing includes all medication needed to complete treatment and physician monitoring @ 129/month

Plan 2 pricing includes all medication needed to complete treatment, physician monitoring and coaching support @ 199/month

We also offer therapist-level support

Often Alcohol Use Disorder involves coexisting personal issues which are best addressed by a therapist.

Therapists possess at least a master's degree in mental health and thousands of hours of clinical experience.

Therapy is proactive, where existing client strategies are improved upon, and healing when clients are facing greater difficulties.

All forms of therapy are solution-focused.

If you would like therapist-level support please email us at for more details including pricing.

Pay month-to-month

Switch plans when you want

Cancel any time

Plan 1

129 / month

Plan 2

199 / month includes coaching

Now available in California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey,

Maryland, D.C., Florida and Georgia