"Easy to fill forms and clear, helpful information about the process, fast, private, non-judgmental, easy to follow instructions, easy sign up process, very targeted and focused [tutorials]."

After first starting the Alcure program and then after one year,

"I want to thank your organization and Dr. Fields for the past year of treatment with the Sinclair method. The results have been quite successful and I hope your program becomes more widely known and available."

R., CT.

"Your customer service and the way this program is set up is outstanding and a Godsend of (shame free) ease and confidentiality.

I signed up and have my appointment with [my Alcure doctor] on Friday afternoon. All arranged within 10 min!" -- "[Alcure support has made] me feel part of an actual support system."

H., MA.

"It's working well, cut my drinking by 70%."

R., CA, after 43 days of being in the program.

"Thank you for all you do. This has given me a reset button without the need to take expensive time off from work to go to a facility to figure it out. My head is clear and I am not looking for that next needed drink.

My motivation has gone way up and I'm back in school going after my dreams and goals. Never mind my husband is not worrying about me and I can see, is looking at me in a different, positive light.

I am thankful for the Alcure Team and helping me live a better life."

S., MA, after just under 8 months in the Alcure program, successfully completing it and moving onto maintenance use of the medication.

"I am a couple months into this program. I'm happy to say that I have only drank alcohol several times.

The medicine works amazing. It took all the fun out of drinking, lol."

W., FL, after 40 days of being in the Alcure program.

"I’m doing wonderful .. I am not binge drinking anymore .."

S., MO, after 22 days of being in the Alcure program.

"I've felt very lucky to find Alcure. I've struggled with alcohol for over 10 years and feel like I've finally found something that works and addresses the biological issue."

S., Washington DC.

"I’m still doing great with everything .. Glad I found Alcure!"

N., MA, after 62 days of being in the Alcure program.

"I am 5 days in on the 75mg and it’s working .. I drank for a few hours and then just couldn’t anymore!

It was so strange to me!! Half [a] glass of wine just sitting there unfinished. Just thought I’d let you know :)"

--A., MA after 69 days in the Alcure program.

"Jim: Thank you so very much for responding immediately and graciously.

I especially wanted you to know that Dr. Fields was outstanding and supportive.

Your videos alone were worth the first month. You do great work!"

C, MA.

"I am doing well .. Thank you for the help. It has really made a difference."

S., MO, after 99 days of being in the Alcure program.

"I started [the Alcure program] when it became apparent I could not go more than 2-3 days without drinking before the voice in my head told me 'one drink wouldn't hurt.' I obsessed about alcohol constantly, and I wanted that (and my overall consumption) to stop .. I found Alcure .. and am so thankful for this program.

It's been entirely confidential, judgement free, and ultimately life saving .. TSM works (for most people) and it's working for me. My consumption is down 25% and I hope to see it continue in the downward direction. My telehealth provider has been great, easy to reach, helpful, and answers all my questions. I highly encourage anyone who is worried they might have a problem to give this a shot."

T., Washington DC, after 59 days of being in the Alcure program.

"Thank you all. I am doing very well .. I think my success has-been life changing.

It took me longer and a higher dose than most I believe but I'm glad I didn't give up and please encourage others not to get discouraged."

R, MA, after 9 months in the Alcure program, successfully completing it and moving onto maintenance use of the medication.

"Loved your [module three accelerator videos] on Life Hacks, Minimalism and Gratitude."

R., CA.

"I am starting to see a reduction in my drinking 'sessions' to 3 or 4 days with periods of abstinence of 2-3 days. I am also finding that I might take [the medication] and drink only one drink at a session or change my mind,altogether, and have none.

Wine has become less appealing and my cravings minimal, although, on a particularly stressful day this past week, I 'craved' having a glass of wine but none was available and so I allowed that intense feeling to diminish by picking up a book and reading! I consider that a most positive change and a realization that alcohol is losing its grip on me!!! .. Thank you for your continued support."

L., after 71 days in the Alcure program.

"I'm writing with happy news -- the Sinclair Method has worked wonders for me, and I'm feeling very comfortable both with my new relationship with alcohol (or lack thereof) and with my current supply of medication ..

I can't thank you and Dr. Fields enough for the work that you do .. [T]his process WORKS .. I'm so thankful I found your program and decided to give it a try! Thank you again."

A., CT, after 104 days in the Alcure program, successfully completing it and moving onto maintenance use of the medication.

"Thanks for your email and the module 2 links! Things are progressing nicely on the program and I’m confident I’ll gain extinction from TSM."

Z, FL, after 53 days in the Alcure program.

"Hi Dr. Fields. I am very happy with the progress that I am making with the naltrexone and Alcure.

Could you please authorize a refill for me to the CVS pharmacy in my file. Thank you so much!"

J., GA, after 59 days in the Alcure program,

and later,

"Hello. I have had wonderful success on the Alcure program.

I am rarely using my naltrexone any longer and have managed to stop drinking completely .. I have nearly a full bottle of just my third prescription of [30 tablets] of naltrexone, so I don't anticipate needing a refill in the near future.

Thank you so much for your support and that of Dr. Fields."

after just under 4 months in the Alcure program.

"I’m positively progressing with each passing day with TSM.

I’ve been using your drinks/craving logs .. I took Saturday and Sunday off (ND) and maximized my upregulation cycle [days not on naltrexone] by being very physically active (jogged/walked for 5 miles each day). I can literally feel the extra positive kick [from the endorphin boost during the upregulation medication cycle]."

S., NH, signed up only for our unique coaching and accelerator videos with his own doctor and started to see results after two weeks in the Alcure program.

"Hi there, I’m halfway through my 2nd month on Nal and although I’m still drinking everyday, I’m drinking less quantity and am less anxious around 5 pm."

K., MA, at approximately 45 days into the Alcure program.

"I have to say that I was a bit skeptical that this would work for me. The promises seemed too good to be true, but I am sitting here as proof that it really does work.

I could go on and on, but I think you must have heard this all before. But in a sentence, my future looks so much brighter! Thank you."

K., CT, after 143 days of being in the Alcure program, successfully completing it and moving onto maintenance use of the medication.

"Hi James! I just wanted to give you an update on my progress...or maybe I should say extinction?

As of March 6th, I haven't had a drink in 2 months.😀 Feeling great! In control of my life .. "

A., IA, after six months and three days in the Alcure program, successfully completing it and moving onto maintenance use of the medication.

"Hi James, I would like to go into the next phase down. I spoke to Dr. Fields this morning .. I’m doing very very well .. It works 100% and has changed my life."

C., NJ, after exactly three months in the Alcure program.

"Jim, Great session today. Thank you. Really comprehended the chipping away at habit and taking new action(s).

Also really appreciated your expansion on picking up glass/sipping intervals and how much that really has changed for me. I knew the extended sessions were very different but hadn’t broken it out like that :) Took 100mg this evening and touch wood no side effects. And have drunk less. Will continue to monitor and let Dr. Park know how I’m going end of week. Feeling excited, motivated and determined."

C., CA after 49 days in the Alcure program.

And after five months,

"Feeling very good and that I am moving in the right direction. This really does work:):) Looking forward to Tuesday [video coach session]. Will send updated graphs."

"[Dr. Fields], I'm feeling comfortable with the medication.

I'm taking a full pill a day and it's working, yesterday I really felt it working. Thank you for prescribing!"

B., NJ, after 92 days in the Alcure program.

"Hi Jim. I watched the videos and thought they were very informative! It’s very interesting how this drug works!"

T., FL, after just starting the program and reviewing our module one set of accelerator videos.

Jim: "I’m glad you’re distracted from drinking .. "

D: "Yeah - but it is beyond distraction. I don't even have an interest or taste for it. Anyone can drink right in front of me and it is the last thing I want. This WORKS!"

D., RI, after completing the Alcure program in approximately seven months and now on our medication maintenance use program for approximately three months.

"I signed up with Alcure specifically for the purpose if finding a prescriber for naltrexone. That process was quick and easy and got me exactly what l needed when l needed it for my recovery ..

Thank you for all of your help. Alcure and all of its staff have truly and positively affected my recovery."

S., NJ, four months after signing up.

"Hi Jim, I'm happy to say that the program helped me to gain a greater level of control over my drinking. The naltrexone allowed me to better understand the effect the chemicals within alcohol were having on my brain and to recognize those feelings when making decisions about my drinking.

When combined with other factors (taking actions to improve my mental health, removing negative variables from my environment, leveraging exercise, etc.), I think the program helped me to get to a point where I no longer feel the need to drink more than 1 or 2 drinks at any given time. I've also cut down on the frequency that I drink. Most importantly I feel a greater sense of control."

I appreciate you following up, and thanks for your support."

A., CA, at just over 7 months in the Alcure program.

I'm doing really good I won't need anything else. So happy to find you guys."

L., CA, after 74 days in the Alcure program.

After 10 days in the Alcure program:

"Hi, Dr. Green, I just wanted to tell you how well the medication is working for me. I’ve been 100% compliant and am drinking much less.

Most of the time I’m having only one drink per day, if I even finish it. Prior to starting the meds, I didn’t drink a whole lot but was drinking throughout the day. That has pretty much stopped.

I’m about 10 days out from needing it refilled, so I thought I’d shoot a quick email to let you know. I appreciate it. It’s all going well."

And then after 80 days in the Alcure program,

"Hello, Dr. Green, I wanted to let you know all is well here. I’ve been totally compliant, and the results have been awesome. I’m easily able to pass [mandatory alcohol blood testing] .. with no concern of failing. I do need a refill as soon as you’re able. Thank you for all the help."

C., TX.

"Hi Dr. Green. Everything going well by the way. My compliance has been great and it's making a difference.

Still drinking rather frequently due mainly to vacation with friends/other social involvement, but significant improvement overall."

S., OR, after 26 days in the Alcure program.

"Hi Jim, I watched all your Module One videos over the weekend and want to let you know I found them very helpful and well done.

They are respectful, credible, clear, articulate and I enjoyed many of your word choices (pummel, buoyant) and analogies. Your tone was professional, yet genuine and engaging. I’m sure I will go back to them again and again as I continue on this journey.

Thank you, K.

PS...Cliff [Dr. Fields] is great!"

K., Maine, just after starting the Alcure program.

Jim: "Hi [E.], just checking in regarding your progress..."

E: "Hey Jim, I actually have decided to stay completely abstinent and will no longer need Alcure. Thank you for all your help."

E., CT, after 163 days in the Alcure program.

E. came to us consuming 10 drinks a day, 7 days a week. Now he doesn't drink at all.

"Good afternoon [Dr. Fields], this is just a check-in. I'm doing well. I have been on the program since late May.

Alcohol-free days began to popcorn across my calendar last month. I go many days in a row now without thinking about having a drink. The great part for me is that I am not working very hard at all. This has been nearly effortless ..

I do need a refill on the prescription as well. Thanks for your time. Best, [C.]"

C., CT, after 110 days in the Alcure program.

[Dr. Fields] "Good morning C. .. I am interested in how you are doing and would like to speak with you briefly at your leisure."

C., "I'm doing great. My life has totally changed since being on these. It's amazing. I rarely drink anymore and because of the pills I never drink too much."

[Dr. Fields] "I will send in the prescription right now. I am very pleased with your results."

C., "OMG life changing. I feel better than ever. My career is booming, relationship great, been working with a trainer to get back in shape. Definitely highly recommend."

C., NJ, after 10 months in the Alcure program.

"Cliff [Dr. Fields] .. Needless to say I am immensely grateful for your support and guidance getting me to this place. Thank you!"

K., MA, after 18 months in the Alcure program starting at an average of 30 drinks per week, an average craving rating of 8 on a scale of 0-10, and persistent difficulty stopping drinking once starting.

Alcure testimonials are genuine emails received from our clients. We don't pay clients or discount pricing in exchange for testimonials. All testimonials are exactly as stated except we correct for spelling and shorten statements into segments or add brackets for clarity. To protect client identity and comply with federal medical privacy laws, images placed next to testimonials do not depict Alcure clients but are representative of age, gender, and background. Results may vary.