You finally have a choice in Sinclair Method providers.

Why select Alcure?

Alcure is an all-inclusive and exclusively online platform covering every angle you need to reduce drinking using the Sinclair Method without breaking the bank. No other Sinclair Method provider offers our level of service and convenience for the price.

We are also one of the nation's largest Sinclair Method providers servicing clients in 17 states and the District of Columbia with more states coming.

If you've watched our YouTube videos you know that Alcure is a big proponent of research.

The Sinclair Method ("TSM") has only recently emerged in the U.S. as a popular treatment method for excess drinking. It originated in Europe where it's utilized much more by health care providers.

There are now several TSM providers in the U.S. and each packages the treatment differently, including differences in overall service and price. So why select Alcure?

The main TSM providers in the U.S. include Contral Clinics of New England, Alavida, Ria Health,, MDProactive, The Moderation Institute and several other providers operating mostly within one state.

Many of them don't use the phrase "Sinclair Method" on their websites but all of them employ the Sinclair Method, also called Pharmacological Extinction in the scientific literature, as their primary method of treating Alcohol Use Disorder.

You may have to hunt for pricing information on some of their websites. If you call, be the proactive consumer and ask these questions:

  • Ask who pays for the medication? What is the total cost of service per month? How is the cost broken down?

  • Ask what kind of support, if any, is offered? Some TSM providers dispense the medication with just short RX usage instructions.

  • Is the support coaching? Or is the support with a state licensed psychotherapist, which will cost you more.

  • How convenient is the access to support? Are there tutorials you can watch instead when it's best for you?

Then, evaluate the overall service, price, and value of each TSM provider you're considering and how each provider will fit your particular situation before you pull the trigger on one. It's your right to ask these questions and you shouldn't be afraid to exhaust all your questions until satisfied.

We discuss the key differences here.

First, no other exclusively online TSM provider dispenses the medication as part of the same pricing package. Alcure is partnered with one of the largest U.S. licensed pharmacies doing business in all 50 states that specializes in prescription fulfillment and medication delivery. Other online TSM providers will give you a prescription, but then you must go to your local pharmacy to have it filled. And, you must pay for the medication each time. The retail pharmacy price for thirty tablets of naltrexone generally approaches or exceeds $100.00 That's an extra cost to you.

TSM therapy requires you to use the medication each time you drink. How many "drinking sessions" any one patient will have on the journey will vary, but most patients can expect to need several prescriptions. At Alcure all the medication you need to complete treatment is provided to you regardless of your usage pattern. We also deliver your medication directly to your mailbox usually in three business days or less eliminating a trip to your pharmacy.

Second, some TSM providers offer no meaningful guidance through the process. TSM treatment is much more than simply remembering to take a pill each time before you drink. That kind of "dump and run" instruction usually produces poor outcomes.

At the opposite end, other TSM providers insist upon extended psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapist whether you need it or not. There are TSM providers charging $5,000 or more because formal psychotherapy is rolled into their service.

At Alcure, we strike the right balance by packaging over 10 hours of comprehensive tutorial and coaching videos as part of our product and offer 1-1 live coaching or therapist-level support only when desired or needed at a separate price.

Our tutorial and coaching videos go over the dosing strategy in detail together with broader strategies to help our clients learn how to make better decisions about their drinking and eliminate secondary causes of Alcohol Use Disorder. Our tutorials also provide the benefit of permitting clients to review material particular to them as many times as they would like to cement key concepts and move them further away from Alcohol Use Disorder behaviors. The process can be hand-tailored even more by offering 1-1 live support.

Third, some online TSM providers conduct initial assessments entirely by telephone as opposed to video chat. The California Medical Board, and the boards of most other states prohibit "telephone-only" consultations to assess Alcohol Use Disorder. The medical board in each state is tasked with the job of ensuring patient safety by holding medical providers to appropriate standards. Telephone-only assessments, while attractive because they can be even faster than a video chat meeting, are deemed insufficient to establish a "doctor-patient relationship." A properly established doctor-patient relationship is important because the relationship between a physician and patient is based on trust, and that gives rise to a host of ethical duties placed on the physician in treating the patient.

The relationship with your doctor is extremely important, and initial assessments by telephone can be unethical and lead to physician discipline (see Matter of Opsahl, M.D. (2003) before the CA Medical Board, where a physician was disciplined for conducting initial medical assessments entirely by telephone). The California Medical Board states on its website that "Telehealth is not a telephone conversation, email/instant messaging conversation, or fax; it typically involves the application of videoconferencing or store and forward technology to provide or support health care delivery." [Emphasis added].

At Alcure, all initial assessments are conducted through video chat, and all clients are welcomed to video chat with their physician for every subsequent encounter. In some states, video chat is required for every physician encounter. Alcure's platform allows you to video chat from any of your devices, so you don't need to be at a desktop or laptop computer unless you prefer. You can video chat from your smartphone or tablet just as easily.

Fourth, some TSM providers employ a "pay-as-you-go" model as opposed to a fixed monthly fee. Pay-as-you-go means you must pay for each encounter with your physician. Proper TSM treatment requires not only an initial assessment by a physician of Alcohol Use Disorder but also physician monitoring for medication side effects, dosing compliance issues and overall progress. Patients often need to initiate physician encounters as well for unforeseen issues that may arise during the course of treatment. With a pay-as-you-go model, physician fees can add up quickly and will often exceed a fixed monthly fee model over time. Pay-as-you-go models also tend to discourage patients from consulting with their physician when needed because it acts as a deterrent. That results in compromising the doctor-patient relationship and quality of care you'll receive.

At Alcure, you have unlimited access to your physician the entire time you are on the platform. You can think of your physician as being right there with you through every step of your journey, and you may consult with your physician as much as you'd like without any need to pay for an individual encounter.

Our mission

Alcure's mission is to bring the Sinclair Method directly to you in a transparent, highly supportive and professional virtual medical environment. We strive for cost-effective, second-to-none outcomes and responsive relationships with each of our clients. If you have insurance, we'll help you request reimbursement for our service. Just contact support and ask for a "superbill."

We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to ask us any questions at We'll reply to you promptly and always with a thorough response, and invite you to exhaust all your inquiries when you contact us.