If you're new to the phrase “Dry January” it is often attributed to the Sober Curious movement popularized by ..

The Sinclair Method is an emerging treatment model that produces unsurpassed results compared to other treatment models ..

You're showing up with friends at dinners or house parties, or at happy hours, and you're simply not drinking as much. You're saying ..

Extinction is the cornerstone of the Sinclair Method. It's a term from the field of Behavioral Science and ..

Here at Alcure we add to the World Health Organization's definition of "wellness" by including ..

While the Sinclair Method employs a medication, it's primarily a behavioral modification model, only not ..

Telemedicine has grown tremendously with internet technology that now allows for video chat, emailing, messaging and ..

We have many neurochemicals and they each perform different roles to regulate bodily systems. Several, for example, have ..