From the March 30, 2020 online edition of Business Insider titled "The trauma of the coronavirus pandemic could cause a nationwide spike in alcohol and drug use, experts say."

The Sinclair Method is an emerging treatment model that produces unsurpassed results compared to other treatment models ..

The shape of the endorphin molecule is nearly identical to the shape of a morphine molecule, and in that way ..

Extinction is the cornerstone of the Sinclair Method. It's a term from the field of Behavioral Science and ..

While the Sinclair Method employs a medication, it's primarily a behavioral modification model, only not ..

Telemedicine has grown tremendously with internet technology that now allows for video chat, emailing, messaging and ..

We have many neurochemicals and they each perform different roles to regulate bodily systems. Several, for example, have ..

In addition to leveraging you out the craving or strong desire for alcohol with the targeted dosing of naltrexone, at Alcure we take secondary causes of Alcohol Use Disorder head-on with our second and third accelerator video modules.

You're showing up with friends at dinners or house parties, or at happy hours, and you're simply not drinking as much. You're saying ..

Here at Alcure we add to the World Health Organization's definition of "wellness" by including ..

[T]here are a myriad of other health benefits we can enjoy when we reduce our alcohol intake over time—some more obvious and others more subtle. Some of these benefits lead to additional positive consequences, including ..

So, what if you are almost an alcoholic? Is there such a thing? And if so, should you really be checking yourself into rehab or spending hours each month in AA meetings trying to stop drinking altogether—especially when the success rates are abysmal? “Failing”, aka relapsing, may also lead to ..

It differs from other online forums for Sinclair Method treatment in that it's guided with input from our Alcure doctors, experts in Sinclair Method treatment, along with other expert comment and bonus material. The idea is to provide solid guidance to ..

Having worked in the emergency department for over 30 years I certainly agree with Dr. Green’s comments. I would also go as far to say that more than ..

We all get started from uniquely different backgrounds, experiences, and traumas. Coping mechanisms and defenses develop from an early age to protect us and allow for our survival. Oftentimes, these can mutate into something that ..