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Unplug from the idea that alcoholism means Alcoholics Anonymous

Now available in California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey,

Maryland, D.C., Florida and Georgia

"[The Sinclair Method] made a .. massive difference in my life, it saved my life .. First of all, compliance [with the dosing protocol] is everything, you have to comply."

-- Claudia Christian, actress and global spokesperson for the Sinclair Method.




Covering every angle in three modules, our accelerator tutorials focus on precision compliance with the medication dosing protocol to produce extinction of Alcohol Use Disorder in the fastest time possible. View them from any device when you want, where you want, and as much as you want to crush compliance.

Watch Claudia Christian. She is an actress of over 30 years and a global spokeswoman for the Sinclair Method. She openly shares her story about developing Alcohol Use Disorder in this TEDx with close to 2 million views.

Claudia explains her initial failed attempts with conventional treatments, her discovery of the Sinclair Method, and her success in overcoming Alcohol Use Disorder using it.

Pay careful attention to the symptoms and experiences she describes and ask if you or someone you know is going through some of the same.

Claudia hails from Los Angeles where Alcure is headquartered and we are pleased to have her as a supporter of our service.

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"Your customer service and the way this program is set up is outstanding and a Godsend of (shame free) ease and confidentiality. I signed up and have my appointment with [my Alcure doctor] on Friday afternoon. All arranged within 10 min!"

-- H., Boston, MA.