Drink less using the Sinclair Method.

Now available in California, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Texas.

Based in Los Angeles, we are one of the nation's largest Sinclair Method providers.


Clinically documented success rate of the Sinclair Method, the core model employed at Alcure.


Alcure sign-ups reporting failed results with standard models.

"[The Sinclair Method] made a .. massive difference in my life, it saved my life .. First of all, compliance [with the dosing protocol] is everything, you have to comply."

-- Claudia Christian, actress and global spokesperson for the Sinclair Method, also called Pharmacological Extinction.

Claudia hails from Los Angeles where Alcure is headquartered and we are pleased to have her support.

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"It's working well, cut my drinking by 70%."

--R., Richmond, CA, after 43 days of being in the Alcure program.

"I’m doing wonderful .. I am not binge drinking anymore .."

--S., Florissant, MO, after 22 days of being in the Alcure program.

"Your customer service and the way this program is set up is outstanding and a Godsend of (shame free) ease and confidentiality. I signed up and have my appointment with [my Alcure doctor] on Friday afternoon. All arranged within 10 min!"

"[Alcure support has made] me feel part of an actual support system."

--H., Boston, MA.

"Loved your [module three accelerator videos] on Life Hacks, Minimalism and Gratitude."

--R., Modesto, CA.

"Easy to fill forms and clear, helpful information about the process, fast, private, non-judgmental, easy to follow instructions, easy sign up process, Very targeted and focused [tutorials]."

--R., Trumbull, CT.

I've felt very lucky to find Alcure. I've struggled with alcohol for over 10 years and feel like I've finally found something that works and addresses the biological issue.

--S., Washington D.C.

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