What's the Sinclair Method success rate?

78% of people that use the Sinclair Method reach their goal of substantially reduced drinking or stopping altogether within 9 months. Many reach a level of comfortable controlled drinking in 4 to 6 months. Approximately 10% of clients won't adhere to the naltrexone dosing protocol which will impede success. As such, by strictly complying with the dosing protocol chances for success are boosted 10% producing a near 90% success rate.

Do I have to abstain from drinking before I start?

No, you begin right away.

What's it like to drink with naltrexone in my system?

Most won't notice much of a difference when drinking with naltrexone in their system.

Are there side effects from taking naltrexone?

The vast majority of clients will not experience any side effects from naltrexone. Some will experience mild to moderate side effects that usually go away after a short period. A few will experience more adverse side effects. Our providers assist each client with a number of strategies to lessen or eliminate side effects should they arise, including OTC remedies and in some cases prescribing other medications.

When can I cancel or pause my account?

You may cancel or pause any time to stop recurring payments. We pause accounts instead of canceling them so that they can be reactivated easily when clients request to go onto maintenance use of naltrexone. Please specify if you wish to cancel instead of pausing. Please note that by canceling you'll need to set up a brand new account later if you wish to have future access and may be subject to new pricing. To cancel, pause or unpause your account, email us at support@alcure.me and we'll get you squared away promptly.

What happens when I reach my goal and only need a maintenance supply of naltrexone for occasional use?

That's when you'll pause your account. When to switch to maintenance use of naltrexone under Sinclair Method treatment is a decision for you and your Alcure provider. Maintenance use involves periodic reassessment by your provider before receiving a new e-prescription and will vary with each client. Once you reach the maintenance phase, you'll pause recurring payments and schedule occasional one-time visits with your provider as-needed. The cost of a one-time visit is equal to one monthly payment. Reach us at support@alcure.me when you and your Alcure provider are ready to make the switch to maintenance use of naltrexone and we'll pause your account.

Once I get my stuff under control do I have to keep taking naltrexone?

Only when you drink. By always following the dosing protocol relapse is avoided.

Do I have to request refills of naltrexone?

Yes, reach out to your Alcure provider when you're down to about 10 days' worth of naltrexone to allow lead time.

Can I get reimbursed from my medical insurance?

Yes, even though we are an out-of-network provider we'll send you a "superbill" each month if you ask us for one. Submit that to your insurance company for reimbursement directly back to you. Insurance policies vary on what they cover and we can't guarantee reimbursement. Ask us for an example superbill to run by your insurance company in advance if you'd like. Keep in mind that using insurance can trigger a premium hike later and can also impact an application, renewal, or premium amount for life insurance.

Can I get reimbursed from my employer?

Yes, many employers have an Employee Assistance Program that provides employees facing excess drinking issues with treatment at no cost. Tell your employer that you're interested in the Alcure program and ask if it has an EAP that will cover the cost.

Will anyone find out about my enrollment or use of naltrexone, such as an insurance company?

We don't report any client's enrollment to anyone unless requested to by the client or if legally required.

On occasion the pharmacy that fills your prescription for naltrexone will report that prescription to one or more databases accessible by insurance companies (usually medical and life insurance companies have access to these) and we have no control over that. 

If you have a concern call the pharmacy you plan to use for your naltrexone prescription and ask the pharmacist in charge whether they'll report a  prescription for naltrexone. If so, you can easily select another pharmacy that won't. Once you select a pharmacy, advise your Alcure provider to e-prescribe naltrexone to the pharmacy you've chosen.

What if I have a surgery or procedure coming up and I'm taking naltrexone?

Often a doctor performing a surgery or procedure will anticipate using an opioid-based pain medication to alleviate any pain associated with the surgery or procedure. Opioid-based pain medications will not work if you have naltrexone in your system.

Your doctor may recommend avoiding naltrexone for three days before the surgery or procedure, with the expectation the naltrexone will be eliminated from your system by the third day and the doctor will then feel comfortable using an opioid-based medication if he or she elects to do so. 

Patients facing surgeries or procedures should advise their doctor of the last time naltrexone was taken, as that can influence the choice of opioid-based pain medication the doctor may use.

Be sure to advise your doctor well in advance of your naltrexone use so he or she can be equipped with all relevant information to best manage any pain safely as it pertains to your specific health history and the surgery or procedure you're facing.

I see Alcure M Tab and FM in my Google search, what's that?

We have zero affiliation with that company.

And if I have other questions?

Email us at support@alcure.me.