What's the success rate? What's considered success?

Officially 78% based on the original Sinclair Method studies. Higher with strict adherence to the method. That's why we focus on proper method execution in our accelerator videos.

Success is reached when the impulse to drink is brought under control and drinking stays within safe levels. In the United States, safe levels are 1 drink a day for women and 2 drinks a day for men (2015-2020 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans).

How does the Alcure platform work?

You'll start with a video chat medical assessment following completion of our medical questionnaire. You'll have unlimited access to your Alcure medical provider via email and video chat as you progress through the program afterward, to handle medication dosing adjustments, key to success, and any related medical issues or questions about treatment.

You'll also receive over 10 hours of curated tutorial video content to guide you through our process along with our drink tracking charts adapted from original Sinclair Method studies. Our "accelerator videos" as we call them are also key to your success as they cover precision medication dosing strategies in the beginning and coaching to overcome external causes of excess drinking as you progress. Clients enjoy the ability to watch parts of our videos as many times as needed to cement core concepts and reach their goals in the fastest time possible.

We also provide unlimited email and video chat coaching support whenever you need it to supplement our video content. Just reach us at support@alcure.me with any coaching questions or to make an appointment for a video chat coaching session.

You'll also have access to our peer support and expert guided community forum. Our forum provides all monthly-active clients with peer support and coaching insights, and works to boost long-term outcomes so clients can further integrate the Sinclair Method and wellness into their lives.

Sarah Novia, co-founder and team member, manages all your therapy needs if you reside in Connecticut. For clients in our other states, Alcure partners with Lion Rock Online Counseling, one of the leading video chat therapy providers in the country to fulfill your counseling needs. Therapy support is charged separately.

How does ongoing support work?

We offer unlimited email and video chat coaching support to supplement our accelerator videos whenever you want. Just contact support@alcure.me with your coaching question or to set up an appointment.

You'll also have access to our peer support and expert guided community forum. Our forum provides all monthly-active clients with 24/7 peer support and is designed to boost long-term outcomes and provide a structured, professionally guided and supportive environment so clients can further integrate the Sinclair Method and wellness into their lives.

Why don't I need to enter a username or a password?

We streamline platform access by harnessing your existing email account as your gateway to access most platform features including video chat links and email communication with your Alcure physician and Support. Access to our peer support and expert guided online forum is the only feature requiring a username and password that you will create as an Alcure client.

Is Alcure affiliated with the C Three Foundation?

The C Three Foundation is the leading non-profit organization promoting the Sinclair Method worldwide. Though we are a telehealth provider employing the Sinclair Method and separate from the C Three Foundation, we know personally its founder, Claudia Christian, and share in the mission to make Sinclair Method treatment easily understood and accessible by the public. We've refined our program based on a rigorous review of Sinclair Method and related medical literature, educational material published by the C Three Foundation, and the latest findings from the clinical practices of the physicians on our platform treating patients using the Sinclair Method.

We are one of the original platforms for Sinclair Method treatment online with one of the largest footprints in the United States.

Are there any long-term payment obligations?

No. You may cancel recurring payments at any time and are only responsible for the month in which you cancel. Contact support@alcure.me or you may cancel direct through PayPal.

How is my information kept secure?

Alcure is powered by Google Cloud, a suite of robust data systems and apps used by nearly one-half million small and large companies in the U.S., and with a large footprint in the Hospital & Health Care industry. All your information is electronically encrypted to regulatory standards under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) with Google Cloud.

What medication is used?

We e-prescribe naltrexone, but differently than the way your web research may explain it's used. We prescribe it for targeted dosing, meaning it's paired with drinking episodes and avoided at all other times, to produce what medical science calls extinction. That core model is sometimes called the Sinclair Method, which you can read about on our blog page here.

What's it like to drink on the medication?

Reports vary but most won't notice much of a difference when drinking with naltrexone in their system.

Is the medication habit forming or does it have side effects?

No. Naltrexone is a non-controlled FDA approved medication and is not habit forming.

The side effects, if any, are usually minimal and go away quickly. They typically include headache and nausea to some degree when they do occur. Side effects are mitigated with other safe, prescription or OTC medications. Other medications prescribed or recommended for side effects are separately priced.

A very small group of clients will experience more adverse side effects and may not be able to tolerate naltrexone.

Do I have to request refills of the medication?

Yes. Reach out to your Alcure medical provider when you're down to about 10 days' worth of naltrexone to provide lead time. Sometimes your physician may provide refills with your initial or subsequent prescriptions depending upon your situation. Always reach out well in advance before you're completely out, though.

Do I have to abstain from drinking for a period first?

No. You begin treatment right away.

What if I have a surgery or procedure coming up and I'm taking the medication?

Always be sure to communicate with your doctor over details well in advance of any surgery or procedure. Each person's medical history and condition will vary along with the nature and extent of any surgeries or procedures they will face. The following is for general informational purposes only.

Often a doctor performing a surgery or procedure will anticipate using an opioid-based pain medication to alleviate any pain associated with the surgery or procedure. Opioid-based medications will not work if you have naltrexone in your system.

Your doctor may recommend avoiding naltrexone for three days before the surgery or procedure, with the expectation the naltrexone will be eliminated from your system by the third day and the doctor will then feel comfortable using an opioid-based medication if he or she elects to do so.

Patients facing surgeries or procedures should advise their doctor of the last time naltrexone was taken, as that can influence the choice of opioid-based pain medication the doctor may use. Some opioid-based pain medication will work better once all traces of the naltrexone are fully eliminated from the body and, otherwise, will be less effective if some naltrexone is still lingering in the body.

The doctor may also choose to use a non-opioid-based pain medication instead. Again, advise your doctor well in advance of your naltrexone use so he or she can be equipped with all relevant information to best manage any pain safely as it pertains to your specific health history and the surgery or procedure you're facing.

Once I get my stuff under control, do I have to keep taking the medication?

Only when you drink. By always following the dosing protocol relapse is avoided.

What happens when I only need a maintenance supply of the medication?

When to switch to maintenance use is a decision for you and your Alcure medical provider but generally the transition happens within nine months and after controlled drinking is reached within about 4-6 months. Maintenance use involves periodic reassessment by your Alcure medical provider before receiving a new e-prescription and will vary with each patient.

Can I get reimbursed from my medical insurance?

In most cases yes. We provide you a "superbill" each month if you elect to use insurance. A superbill is a detailed receipt identifying the billing codes used by insurance companies to process payments for the type of treatment we provide. We cannot guarantee reimbursement and you may wish to consult your insurance company first for eligibility. Ask us for an example superbill to run by your insurance company in advance.

Can I get reimbursed from my employer?

Many employers have an Employee Assistance Program that will provide employees facing alcohol use disorder with treatment at no cost. And, in many states, depending on the size of your company, employers are legally bound to offer treatment for alcohol use disorder if an employee requests it. If you are employed and experiencing an excess drinking issue, tell your employer that you're interested in the Alcure program and ask your employer about how its Employee Assistance Program can be used to cover the cost of our program.

I see "Alcure tab" and some pharmacy stuff in my Google search, what's that?

We have zero affiliation with that company.

Will anyone find out about my program enrollment or use of naltrexone, such as an insurance company or another medical provider?

Alcure doesn't report any patient's enrollment to anyone unless requested to by the patient or if legally required, which would be rare. The pharmacy filling a prescription from one of our providers for naltrexone may report the prescription to one or more central computer databases, though, and unfortunately that's not something over which we have control.

The medical industry has seen more use recently of centralized computer databases to track patient prescriptions, mostly for controlled substances such as opioid-based pain medication, to prevent "doctor shopping" and to increase patient safety. Naltrexone is a non-controlled, non-addictive substance with a high patient safety index, so it's less likely it would be reported--though it is tied to combating alcohol and opioid misuse and may be reported by some pharmacies for that reason.

Please know we cannot guarantee against prescription reporting by a pharmacy and, should you have any concerns, we recommend you contact the pharmacy you plan to use in advance and ask the pharmacist in charge whether it would report a prescription for naltrexone.

And if I have other questions?

Email us at support@alcure.me.